In Regards to Our Clinic


Innovation is at the heart of the Clinique des Vergers. We want to constantly improve the quality of care and our clinic has moved towards outpatient surgery, where the patient is able to enter and leave the facility on the same day. Outpatient surgery allows the individual to recover in a familiar environment. Thanks to our anesthesiologists along with the advances in surgical techniques. Postoperative protocols have made it possible to reduce hospitalization times and extend this course of care to a maximum surgical specialties.

Clinique des Vergers | Meyrin Genève

Our Vision

We approach a developing and accessible care plan to all. With these principles, the patient’s will take time to understand any concerns or problems they may face before creating a guided and healthy recovery process. 

With our mission we would like to be the first choice in health care for our communities. Clinique des Vergers has a specialized, efficient and personalized experience. 

Patients are given the highest level of treatment as soon as possible as well as having a great deal of options to select from for your complication. 

Join our Clinic as we help solve challenging medical procedures one patient at a time. 



If you wish to be cared for in a gentle manner and with respect for eco-environmental values, the Clinic will welcome you in the heart of the Vergers eco-district. This location, in line with the objectives of social responsibility, environmental awareness and economic efficiency.